Why Cleansquared?

1. Cleansquared offers thorough deep cleaning in half the time.

2. Our Cleaning Agents go through a thorough background check and are selected after multiple screening interviews. To learn more about our screening process.

3. Our Cleaning Agents guarantee quality-consistent service as they follow the detailed Cleansquared Turbo Deep Cleaning Checklist, work collaboratively in pairs, and cross check each other’s work. This ensures that all cleaning tasks are completed with minimal errors and oversights.

4. Our iOs/Android applications are designed to make booking your pair of Cleaning Agents and communicating with them effortless. Our app includes a dashboard with detailed displays of our Cleaning Agents profiles, in-app messaging to chat with Cleaning Agents, secure payments processing, and options to contact customer service representatives, among other features that enable in-app convenience.

5. Pay transparency is a core value of ours. We pay our Cleaning Agents at rates well above minimum wage and we do not have any hidden manager or service fees – we want our housekeepers to retain all of their earnings.